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CERVIS enables you to easily communicate via email and text messages to individual and groups of volunteers that meet specific criteria. Do you have an event coming up? CERVIS automatically sends out reminder emails and texts to remind volunteers of the date, time, important event information, and anything else that you need to pass along to them.

Are you short on time, but want to show your volunteers that you care? CERVIS can also automatically send out “Thank You” emails to your volunteers who participated in a specific event. We make it easy to engage with your volunteers so they’ll keep coming back!

Volunteer Management Software Engage

Yes, volunteers can schedule their own hours online. CERVIS enables you to create volunteer opportunities and post them online for potential volunteers to view online. When a volunteer finds an opportunity that fits their schedule, they can easily register for it.

Our CERVIS software offers extensive Report Management functionality. Reports can be run on individual volunteers, groups of volunteers, new volunteers, specific events, interests, and custom fields. You also have the ability to customize the date range of your report and print it in various document and spreadsheet formats.

Yes, you can really track an unlimited number of volunteers and events. As your volunteer and event numbers increase, we will not raise the price or charge you extra. We want our clients to be successful – and we won’t charge you extra for achieving that success!

CERVIS is the key to taking your service-oriented organization to the next level. Many organizations stop growing and serving because event and volunteer management becomes too much of a burden and it drains staff and resources. For a fraction of the cost of an administrative assistant, CERVIS has all the tools to grow your organization while effectively managing both your service events and volunteer information. What's more, compared to other packages, there are no hidden costs or maintenance headaches. Since CERVIS is web-based software, you do not have to purchase and maintain a server computer, purchase software for each computer using the software, buy upgrades to the software (for each computer) as well as the costly purchase of a service contract. If your organization is committed to effective and efficient volunteer management and service in the community, you cannot afford to pass CERVIS up.

We provide unlimited online customer and product support at no additional fee to all of our customers. In addition to our knowledgeable support staff, we also provide a searchable online support knowledge base, online community forums, and a user manual. All support questions are handled quickly by one of our friendly and courteous, United States based customer support experts. Most support tickets are completely resolved within 30 minutes of receiving them.

Our Training Specialists are second-to-none and are available to schedule training with you at any time. Personalized, one-on-one training can be purchased in 30-minute increments or at a discounted rate if purchased in a 5-hour block. As you begin using CERVIS, our trainers can help you set-up your account so it functions exactly how your organization needs it to. Additionally, we’ll walk you through creating different types of events and how to best manage your volunteers.  

See for yourself what current CERVIS clients are saying about our customer support.  Below you can view a real-time dashboard showing the overall customer satisfaction rating for the last 100 support requests that we answered for our clients:


Volunteer Management Software Support


  • Nothing but good things to say about the service. It was fast, professional, and top-notch.

    David G.
  • I received step by step instructions and achieved success. As always, very satisfied with the prompt service and response!

    Lenore B.
  • Thanks CERVIS, you always provide the type of information that I need. You guys do an AWESOME job with CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

    James C.
  • Thank you so much for being always responsive.

    Kay S.
  • I have been impressed by every aspect of Cervis including the support team.

    Katherine H.
  • Very quick response! Thanks guys.

    Erin M.
  • Thank you! I received excellent support, and you were able to get to the bottom of the issue and solve my problem. Thank you!!

    Elizabeth D.
  • Thank you for your prompt resolution to my issue!

    Melissa B.
  • I'm very impressed with the response time and the detail in the answer!! Thank you!

    LaDonna E.
  • The CERVIS customer support team resolved the issue I was having very quickly. In our correspondence, they were very professional and courteous. Overall, my experience with customer support was great--thanks!

    Isabella C.
  • This is just one of the many complete and clear answers I have received.

    Eleanor W.
  • You were quick to reply and offered a solution I had not considered. thanks.

    Toni M.

While there are many different ways to keep track of your vital volunteer information, a problem is created when information can only flow in one direction like in the case of many software-based systems. It is up to staff members and individuals who volunteer in the office to know all the activities of the organization, and then to communicate those activities to people who currently volunteer with the organization and to the community. We have taken volunteer and event management to a new level. CERVIS is different in that every volunteer in your organization can register for events, express interest in service opportunities, view the service event they and their family members have registered for, and much more.

You will no longer have out of date email addresses, phone numbers, or mailing addresses, as CERVIS allows each member to log in and make the changes themselves, saving your administrators precious time for other tasks.

ON-DEMAND ACCESS: CERVIS is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere with just a web browser and an Internet connection, including most web-enabled cell phones and PDA browsers.

EASY TO LEARN & USE: CERVIS volunteer and event management software is easy for both your organization and any volunteer to use.

REDUCED RISK: CERVIS provides customers a professionally managed environment with multiple levels of security, redundancy and backups to ensure your data is safe and secure.

NO TOUCH UPGRADES: We regularly upgrade our software with new features and enhancements; the upgrades are free and require no action on the part of your organization to install them.

LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP: The overall cost of a hosted solution is actually lower due to the reduced costs of maintenance and internal IT support.

The privacy, security, and availability of your critical information is Priority #1 at CERVIS Technologies. CERVIS has been designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Volunteer Management Software Security

Physical Security

  • CERVIS houses and operates all operational servers that store or process customer data in redundant SOC 2 (Type II) data centers in Dallas TX, Seattle, WA, San Jose, CA and Washington DC. 
  • Data centers are located in facilities with controlled access and 24-hour security 
  • No server room doors are public-facing 
  • Server rooms are staffed 24/7 
  • Un-marked entry and exit doors 
  • Digital security video surveillance 
  • Biometric security systems 
  • Server room access strictly limited to datacenter employees and escorted contractors or visitors 
  • Barcode-only identification on hardware; no customer markings of any type on the servers themselves 
  • Fire detection and suppression systems, including dry pipe, fire extinguishers, smoke and fire alarms. 
  • Backup power, including UPS and Generators 
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU) and electrical panels 
  • Heating and cooling (HVAC) mechanisms exist, such as CRAC units, and chillers, to monitor and control temperature and humidity 
  • Data centers are maintained with adequate lighting and are free of clutter.

Network Security

  • All systems are protected behind network firewalls that limit both inbound and outbound traffic to the minimum needed access for system operation. 
  • All systems are protected and monitored by network layer Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • All system-to-system back-end traffic is encrypted and transmitted within private VLANs

Data Security

  • All customer data is protected behind Database firewalls 
  • All customer data is encrypted while at rest using 256bit AES encryption on both operational systems and in backup storage. 
  • Customer selected "Sensitive Data" is encrypted with an additional layer of 256bit AES encryption within the database 
  • All customer data is encrypted while in motion via 128bit SSL encryption.

System Security

  • All systems are protected and monitored by host layer Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • All systems are protected behind host layer firewalls that limit both inbound and outbound traffic to the minimum needed access for system operation. 
  • All systems are protected with Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software which is updated daily 
  • All operating system, application server, database server, and web server patches and system updates are applied as quickly as possible depending on the severity of vulnerability being addressed.

Application Security

  • External network and application level vulnerability tests are conducted daily by an external 3rd party. 
  • Internal System level vulnerability assessments are conducted monthly. 
  • Automated web application security assessments are conducted by a third party against CERVIS daily. 
  • Manual web application security assessments are conducted twice yearly.

Data Privacy

  • All customer data remains the sole property of the customer and CERVIS does not use customer data for any purposes other than providing service to the customer 
  • All CERVIS employee access to customer data is logged and audited 
  • Password complexity and duration are completely customizable within the CERVIS application 
  • Customer can implement IP address restrictions for access to admin functions 
  • System includes bot detection and anti-bot functionality

 System Redundancy

  • All data centers provide redundant electrical power, equipment cooling systems and backbone internet connectivity.
  • CERVIS databases are stored on redundant drives configured within state-of-the-art dedicated servers.
  • All customer data is encrypted, backed up, and stored at a secure offsite location two times per day.
  • CERVIS databases are configured with mirror replication so all information in the database is copied (instantly and securely), up to the last committed transaction, to one of our fail-over data centers.
  • In the unlikely event that we experience the loss of our primary data center, CERVIS will instantly fail-over to a secondary data center and continue to remain fully operational.

Management of volunteer activities and organization of service projects requires an extensive amount of time that for many organizations and staff, does not exist. CERVIS' capabilities allow a volunteer to create and update their own profile online and register for events, freeing up valuable time. Because a volunteer logs in to their profile, it ensures you have their current contact information at all times. When it is time for your event, CERVIS quickly generates and prints sign-in sheets, event rosters, nametags, event summary reports and so much more. CERVIS makes your job easy by generating reports based on the criteria you select. Your detailed reports can include volunteer information about who has participated in a certain number of volunteer events, who may have a specific volunteer skill and/or equipment to contribute, who is available to volunteer during certain times of the day, who have indicated they'd like to volunteer in a leadership position as an event leader, and the list goes on. CERVIS' goal is to make volunteer and event management easy for you so you can focus your time, money and resources where they matter the most!

As far as cost goes, we have three different editions of our software to meet the varying needs of the organizations we work with, and we offer month-to-month pricing or annual pricing (which reflects a discount for paying in advance). For example, our Premier Edition, which is our most widely-used edition, is $175/month if it's paid for month-to-month or $1800/year if it's paid up-front (which works out to be $150/month). Our price is the same regardless of the number of volunteers, events, administrators, etc. We also offer a price for life guarantee, so once you get started with CERVIS, your price is locked in for as long as you're a customer; we'll never raise the price on you. Below is a link showing the three different editions we offer and their varying capabilities:

CERVIS Pricing Info

We also have a one-time set-up fee for new customers. Our basic set-up fee is $100 and is required for all new customers; this covers the actual building of your console. We also offer an advanced set-up fee that is $300 and is optional (it would be instead of the basic set-up fee); this includes building your console and importing your existing volunteer data for you. And the final component to consider is training, which typically costs $100/hour, but we offer a 4-hour package to our new customers at a discounted rate of $350.

We understand that non-profit and other service-minded organizations, need to make maximum use out of every dollar.  Budget creation and fiscal planning can become difficult as prices for goods and services continue to rise across every industry.  At CERVIS, we are here to help. As a CERVIS customer, our Price for Life Guarantee is our promise to you that the price you pay for our software each year will never increase. The price you pay in 10 years will be the same price you pay today!

There is no cost for upgrades. CERVIS is web-based software and therefore, the application is continually improving and being upgraded. So, as new features are added, you will automatically get them free of charge!

The price for CERVIS is not impacted by the number of volunteers, administrators, or events that you have. Our hope is that by using CERVIS, our client’s volunteer programs will grow significantly. Because of that, we don’t penalize our customers by charging them more because they are now managing more data.

Since CERVIS is web-based software, all you need is an internet connection and web browser on your computer at home or at the office. A high speed internet connection is recommended, but not required.

You do not need to purchase any special equipment for the volunteer check-in kiosk. It can be used on your iPad, tablet, phone, or computer. Some organizations have purchased floor stands to put their iPads/tablets on so tables are not required and so that they can be moved around easily depending on the volunteer event.

There is no limit to the number of users that can access the powerful management capabilities of CERVIS at one time.

CERVIS integrates seamlessly into most organization's websites. When a volunteer goes to your organization website, they will see the listing of volunteer opportunities that you have created and they will be able to log in and register to serve. Your volunteers won't even know that your event registration is run separately from your organization webpage. As you create customized events, they will instantly be published on your event registration page and you will have complete control over what the volunteer sees.

For organizations that do not have a website, or do not desire to integrate CERVIS into their website, CERVIS provides a customized website console for you to direct your volunteers to log in and register for events.

CERVIS is a web-based volunteer and event management system designed from the ground up to help your organization with the management of service opportunities and volunteer data. CERVIS integrates with your existing organization's website to provide volunteer online registration to service projects that you have created and customized. CERVIS offers many tools to keep your volunteer-oriented organization functioning well:

  • A volunteer management system to keep accurate volunteer contact information and records

  • Reports that are completely customizable by you

  • Mailing lists and emails to keep people connected

  • Software that creates name tags, event rosters, event summary reports, and more!

CERVIS integrates all of these elements, plus many more, to make your job much easier as your organization serves in the community.

We know that any time you begin using a new software system, it can be a bit overwhelming. Our goal at CERVIS is to make this process as easy and smooth as possible for you. We have provided information below so you’ll know what to expect when you get started with us.

  1. When you are ready to begin using CERVIS, please let your sales representative know that you are ready to get started. They will get some basic information from you so we can start setting up your account.
  2. Once we receive that information from you, your account will be set up and ready to use within 24 hours. If you’d like your account to start at a later date, please provide us with that date.
  3. The night before your start date, your new CERVIS Administrator(s) will receive an email with their initial login information. Additionally, they’ll receive a Getting Started Guide which will walk them through the basics and how to quickly get started using CERVIS.
  4. If you have chosen to take advantage of our personalized training, then one of our Training Specialists will contact you within a few days to set up your training dates and times. If you are in a time crunch to schedule training, please contact our Support Team and we will have a Training Specialist contact you ASAP.
  5. Once you begin using CERVIS, our Sales Team will transition you to our Customer Support Team who will handle any future questions that you may have.

CERVIS has the ability to easily export and import data, to and from the majority of Donor Management and CRM solutions. CERVIS uses industry standard data file formats for importing and exporting data to ensure maximum compatibility with the systems you use the most. For more advanced, direct system-to-system integration, CERVIS offers an enhanced capability Web Services API for custom integration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with CERVIS, just let us know within the first 30 days of service, and we will refund 100% of your paid monthly service fees.