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Find out why more and more community organizations, schools, cities, businesses, churches and professional associations from all over the world are choosing CERVIS as their solution for volunteer management software. From easy volunteer opportunity management to comprehensive reporting, tracking, recruiting and communication features, CERVIS is a "must have" for organizations of all types and sizes.  CERVIS is completely customizable throughout, which enables different types of organizations to tailor the system for the specific needs of the organization.


Take a quick look through the sample of CERVIS clients below to see how organizations across the globe, just like yours, are using CERVIS to save time and money, and engage with volunteers:



  • Trying to manage thousands of volunteers was tremendously challenging and stressful. I knew there had to be a better way and there was - it's called CERVIS!

    Marci Fitch , Forgotten Harvest
  • CERVIS Tech has allowed us the opportunity to take our Pastor’s vision and run with it. We now have the capability of being involved with much larger works. It’s our goal to treat service as a lifestyle rather than an event, and this great online system will help us accomplish that.

    Amy Carr , Elevation Church
  • My favorite feature would be the email! I love being able to send out an email to the entire database with just a few clicks. However, this might change as I am constantly finding new functionality on the system or using things I didn’t know that I would (like the name tags!).

    Barb Hankey , Our Lady of the Lakes Schools
  • CERVIS is absolutely AMAZING! Managing volunteer opportunities for the City used to be such a pain and took tons of time and hassle, but not any more. CERVIS easily pays for itself with the time and effort it saves. This great system also allows us to provide a much better experience for our volunteers which keeps them engaged and coming back for more. Thanks CERVIS!

    Denise Young , City of Loveland
  • Because of what we do, our volunteer opportunities and projects are always changing. We love that we can post events online and update them as we need to without having to go through another department.

    Dick Siever , Woodmen Valley Chapel
  • CERVIS helps us maintain volunteers, it has really brought our campaign forward. It has moved us in a direction where people are more excited to participate with us!

    Adrianna Watson , Salvation Army, DFW Metroplex

Our Clients

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Annual Number of Volunteers: 5,600

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) is the largest homeless shelter complex in the nation and provides more than 160,000 nights of emergency shelter for homeless men, women, and children. Annually, they serve over 1,000,000 meals to the homeless and hungry at seven facilities located throughout Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan. Additionally, DRMM is ranked as the 13th largest substance abuse treatment program in the nation by US News and World Report.

Coordinating 5,600 volunteers at Seven Locations across Detroit

DRMM’s volunteer coordinator, Marci Fitch, has the challenging task of scheduling volunteers at seven distinct locations across Detroit, seven days a week, 365 days a year. “CERVIS enables our volunteers to go to our website and see our volunteer needs and easily sign up online for the exact date, time and location they want to serve at.” Since volunteers can do all of this online without a single phone call to Marci, she has been freed up to focus on other important aspects of her job. “I can now quickly send updated daily schedules to each of our seven sites and no longer have to mail them, which would make them outdated by the time they arrived.”

Ease of Scheduling Large Groups of Volunteers

DRMM’s volunteer efforts are successful due to the 330 groups who volunteer to serve meals to the hungry throughout Detroit. These groups include local businesses, church groups, high school and college groups, and celebrity casts, including Days of Our Lives cast members.

As volunteer managers know, groups can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they provide an organization with a large number of volunteers, but on the other hand, they are tough to keep track of, coordinate, and communicate with. Marci needed a solution to ease her stress and enable her to easily register groups to volunteer and quickly communicate with the group leaders and seven site coordinators. CERVIS’s robust Group Management feature enables DRMM to coordinate, schedule and register groups, all while maintaining up-to-date group contact information. She is even able to pull Reports by Groups so she can report the number of volunteers and volunteer hours served for each group.

Salvation Army

Location: El Paso County

Love Week – A multi-church service initiative

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Annual Number of Volunteers: Over 6,000

Love Week is the combined effort of over 25 churches to reach the community surrounding Charlotte, North Carolina during a one week period. The goal is to contribute over 25,000 hours of volunteering in various service projects and outreach events. This year the contribution totaled 34,257 hours in over 6,000 volunteering opportunities.

Coordinating Large Scale Events with Large Scale Returns

Love Week had a very successful implementation of CERVIS. The first year garnered 10,551 hours of volunteering in over 80 events all using manual sign in sheets and two coordinators registering and emailing individuals. Their second year they employed the use of CERVIS Technologies and saw a growth from 10,551 hours of service to 34,257. Not only this, but the team also saw a huge increase in volunteer commitments. Using manual sign-in sheets, 32% of the volunteers who signed up for events actually attended. The following year, using CERVIS, that value jumped to 85%. The team at Love Week now also uses CERVIS along with the knowledge of attendance to know which events need to be advertised more and which are already full. This allows the team to focus their marketing energy on the events that need it and ensure complete involvement.

Easily Communicating Logistics to Everyone

Prior to using CERVIS the volunteer management team involved with Love Week spent the majority of their time entering volunteer data and sending out emails with event times and locations as well as answering emails of confused volunteers. With the addition of the software, the team has seen an “amazing decrease in emails” because volunteers can simply go to their website and view all the crucial information for events they are or would like to attend. Beyond this, they no long have to send out logistical information about events because volunteers who sign up automatically receive a confirmation email with pertinent information included. This increased availability “took the excuses away” from volunteers and led to an increase in event participation.

City of Loveland

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Annual Number of Volunteers: 2,500

The City of Loveland is the jewel of Northern Colorado, possessing all the amenities of an urban population center, yet it still has its small town charm. Recognized as one of the top arts communities in the country­–Loveland’s 2,500 volunteers play a key role in the theater, museum, at concerts, and across every city department. City officials estimate that in 2010 volunteers saved the City of Loveland $1,400,000 by serving over 67,000 hours.

City-wide Coordination of Volunteers for Every Department

The City of Loveland has been very successful in using CERVIS within every department across the city. Loveland’s volunteer coordinator, Denise Young, loves that “individual departments within the city can input their own volunteer opportunities in CERVIS and post them online.” Not only does it save her an incredible amount of time, it also enables their website to remain updated with each department’s current volunteer opportunities.  She also enjoys the ability to “upload files and documentation directly to a volunteer’s profile” so the department supervisors and herself all have access to the same volunteer information at any time. Using CERVIS, Denise is able to quickly view volunteer activity across every department without making any phone calls or sending emails to her staff.

Robust Advanced Search Feature Finds the Right Volunteers with the Right Skills

Loveland is extremely fortunate to have a large number of highly-skilled volunteers, including retired teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and business and medical professionals. With that, comes the responsibility of matching these skilled volunteers with the city’s current volunteer needs. That is where CERVIS’s Advanced Search feature comes in; enabling them to easily find volunteers with a specific skill, availability, and even equipment that can do the job. In fact, CERVIS gives them more than 40 ways to search for volunteers meeting their specific criteria. Finding the right volunteers with the right skills allows the Rialto Theater to employ only 2 paid staff members and 67 volunteers, thus saving the city thousands of dollars every year. At the Loveland Museum & Gallery, highly-qualified volunteers run a large majority of the museum programs. Using CERVIS, Denise is able to identify the right volunteers and connect them with the right serving opportunities.

As city budgets continue to shrink nation-wide, the City of Loveland has proven that expertly managing their volunteer program has enabled them to continue to offer first-class services and programs to residents in Northern Colorado.

Woodmen Valley Chapel

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Annual Number of Volunteers: 3,850

Woodmen Valley Chapel is a large multi-campus church with a vision for reaching out. With their Community Impact: A.C.T.S. program, Woodmen Valley Chapel has set before themselves the goal of serving and impacting the community immediately around them, and they choose to do this through volunteerism.

The Growth of a Ministry without the Growth of Burden

Woodmen Valley Chapel decided to begin using CERVIS to manage their volunteers several years ago; within the last three years they have seen their volunteering community grow from 800 to 3,800­­–all of this growth without the addition of a single staff member. In fact, Woodmen Valley Chapel only uses one paid volunteer manager to handle their entire volunteering ministry! They are even able to say “the administrative burden of expanding is no longer an issue for us because CERVIS handles it all.”  Woodmen Valley Chapel can manage this many volunteers because they are able to use key volunteers to manage groups. These key volunteers are able to access CERVIS whenever and from wherever, meaning they don’t have to come into the Church during office hours to sign volunteers up for events, to edit events, or post new ones.

Valuing the Volunteer by Valuing their Information

As a result of the accessibility of CERVIS, volunteer and event information from Woodmen Valley Chapel is always current. Group leaders and staff know that the information found on CERVIS is accurate. There is no longer any need to update spreadsheets and send them back and forth. In addition, because events can be immediately posted online, volunteers visiting the website for information about service opportunities are confident that they are viewing the most accurate scheduling. Volunteers sign-up online knowing that when they show up their name will be printed out on a name-tag and their contact information is on the sign-in sheet. No more are the days when 120 volunteers show up for an event requiring only 50 people–events are marked as full when the volunteer limit is reached, which encourages those wishing to get involved to find other opportunities in which to serve. "CERVIS allows us to make a great first impression with our volunteers who know that they are valued, so they keep coming back!”

Our Lady of the Lakes Schools

Location: Waterford, Michigan

Annual Number of Volunteers: Over 1,100

Our Lady of the Lakes (OLL) schools Waterford, Michigan is one of the last remaining Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade Catholic Schools in the suburban Detroit area. It is located in a working class community and therefore makes every attempt to keep tuition affordable for any family wishing to attend OLL. As a result, fundraising is a necessary function for many of the groups at OLL, including the Parent Teacher Guild, the Boosters Club, and the School Advisory Board. In order to staff these fundraising events, families are required to complete volunteer time depending on the grade of their oldest student and additional time if the student is involved in athletics. The CERVIS website allows OLL staff to post upcoming events, track parent volunteer “credits,” and communicate with the entire volunteer base at the same time.

Allowing Long Term Planning and Scheduling

OLL uses CERVIS as their system to recruit and track lunch and recess volunteers. Each day two or three volunteers are required to work lunch and recess duties; the CERVIS system allows OLL to post each of these events for an entire year. As a result parents are able to choose the times and days that work best for them well in advance enabling volunteer slots to be filled months in advance.

Volunteers at OLL love using CERVIS because they can view how many hours they have fulfilled and how many more are required without having to contact the system administrator. Subsequently, the administrator is freed up to handle more pressing issues when volunteers encounter problems or mistakes, as opposed to credit earnings requests.

Maintaining Connections and Updating Everyone

Using CERVIS, OLL staff has found that it is not a chore to communicate short messages and details with parents and volunteers. Using the system messages within CERVIS, OLL staff can promote different happenings around the school like spirit week or upcoming playoff games for sports. This helps all parents be connected as elementary families may not be aware of what’s happening at the high school and vice versa. These messages can also be used to promote events that were recently posted or upcoming events that require more volunteers.

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